Marriage, family and life counseling

The Counselling-Services of  „Ehe-, Familien- und Lebensberatung (EFLB)“ are  part of the services offered to you by the Diocese of Dresden-Meißen.

In a face-to-face-setting we set out to find answers to your questions. Together we are working on solutions to the problems you name. The counselling we offer does involve personal  or couple-related issues as well as family-matters and more.

It is important to the counselling with us, that clients come to see us voluntarily.

We provide confidentiality – in accordance with legal regulations.

The main-objectives  as well as the intentions will be found and agreed on in the beginning of the counselling-process.

The service we offer is free of charge. 

Donations are very welcome though. Your financial support helps to keep up the counselling service in future.

We do the counselling in German language. Some of our staff do offer counselling in English too.

Phoning in, you need to speak german. 

Requests for an appointment via E-Mail you can put in german or english language. 

Please keep in mind, while writing, that you are sending a standard E-Mail. We do not operate a data-secured server.

Please provide us with your phone-number for further contact.

The following links do suggest helpful services and partners: